Handshields are back with a completely different idea in mind. This time, the Jeans Edition is focused on style. Most of us wear jeans and different denim clothes once in a while so why not use denim cards as well? Match your cards with your most common outfit to bring personality and fashion to your Cardistry with the new Handshields Jeans Edition! This edition is limited to 2500 decks.

You can order yours HERE

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As usual, quality is priority so the Jeans Edition will be printed with the same high standards as the Modern Edition. Handshields are printed by USPCC on a crushed and traditionally cut Classic paper with air-cushion finish.


The Ace of Spades has a fresh new look with half of it wearing jeans.

As for the Modern Edition, the court cards are a simplification of the standard court cards with modified facial expressions to make the characters look more appealing. However, this time, the colours are more vibrant to match the style of the back design. The original cream colour of Handshields is still here and is accompanied by bright blues and reds.